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All Invited Articles

  • A. Sharma and J. P.F Lagerwall. Influence of head group and chain length of surfactants used for stabilizing liquid crystal shells. Liquid Crystals, DOI: 10.1080/02678292.2018.1509391 (A Festschrift  in honor of the 70th birthday of Claudio Zannoni) 2018

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Books & Book Chapters

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Theses from Group Members

Stacks Image 1839
Lawrence Honaker's Dissertation
(Not open access)
Liquid Metals & Liquid Crystals Subject to Flow:From Fundamental Fluid Physics to Functional Fibers Defended 11.10.2019
Stacks Image 1621
Camila Honorato Rios' Dissertation
(Not Open Access)
Self Organising Cellulose Nanorods…(click for full title) Defended 03.05.2019
Stacks Image 1629
Stacks Image 1637
Stefan Schymura's Dissertation
(Not Open Access)
Liquid Crystalline Carbon Nanotube Suspensions: From Unique Challenges to Unique Properties Defended 04.07.2013
Stacks Image 1645
Catherine Reyes' Dissertation
(Open Access)
Confined in a Fiber: Realizing Flexible Gas Sensors by Electrospinning Liquid Crystals Defended 15.02.2019
Stacks Image 1652
JungHyun Noh's Dissertation
(Not Open Access)
Tuning Self-Assembly in Liquid Crystal Shells: From Interfacial to Polymer Stabilization Defended 23.03.2018
Stacks Image 1659
Eva Enz's Dissertation
(Open Access)
Electrospun Polymer - Liquid Crystal Composite Fibres Defended 17.04.2013


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For Jan's theses, visit his website:


  • Microfiber for gas sensing - Issued by the Korean Patent Office. Patent #: 10-2013-0017535.
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