Bandol Summer School on Liquid Crystals
Please note that the summer school has no scholarships and the registration fee is already so low that it only covers the costs (all teachers do this without any payment), hence we cannot offer any discounts. By registering for the school, you declare that you or the institution supporting you will pay the registration fee in full. Registrations are now for the 2024 summer school.

Please enter your professional address (it will be used for the invoice).

We need to know in order to organize the hotel room sharing.

Knowledge of this helps us to organize the hotel room sharing.

If you know another student with whom you would like to share your room, please indicate this here.

The restaurant cannot accommodate multiple special wishes, hence the two options are regular (including fish and meat) or vegan.

Allergies will be communicated to the restaurant, which will do their best to avoid the problematic ingredient.


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