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The research in the group deals with the self-assembly processes occurring in soft matter, our main fundamental science foci being on liquid crystals, colloids and polymers. We are particularly interested in spontaneous long-range ordered structure formation on the nano- and microscales, driven by the unique ordering processes of liquid crystals. We work with the thermotropic as well as the lyotropic class of liquid crystal, often with nematics (chiral or non-chiral) and sometimes with smectics, and when appropriate, we polymerize the phases using reactive mesogens. Our specialty is to study liquid crystalline self-assembly in unconventional contexts, using e.g. electrospinning and microfluidics to produce new composite structures. Apart from investigating their properties and behavior from a fundamental scientific point of view, we also explore their application possibilities, in particular in wearable technology, soft robotics, advanced composite materials, and in secure authentication.

Our research is founded in curiosity and fascination for fundamental physics phenomena…
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Surface phase separation of lipids on liquid crystal shells, balancing 2D interfacial with 3D elastic energies. Sharma et al., Phys. Rev. Res. 2022.
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Liquid crystal—isotropic phase separation and subsequent fractionation of bioderived nanorods; equilibrium phase transitions versus kinetic arrest.
Honorato-Rios & Lagerwall, 
Commun. Mater. 2020.
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Topological defects in liquid crystal shells and waveguiding-enabled retroreflection.
Popov and Lagerwall,
Frontiers in Soft Matter, 2022.
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Delaying the Rayleigh–Plateau instability in tubular flow.Najiya et al. Small, 2022
... which regularly leads us to discover cool behavior with application potential ...
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Unclonable multifaceted selective retroreflectors.
Ma et al., in revision. 2023
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Human-invisible markers for assisting Augmented Reality and robots.
Agha et al.,
Light. Sci. Appl. 2022.
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Mechanochromic rubber sheets and fibers that change color continuously and quantitatively in response to strain.
Geng, Kizhakidathazhath and Lagerwall, 
Nat. Mater., 2022
Geng and Lagerwall, 
Adv. Sci., 2023.
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Generating non-spectral color without absorption or scattering by pixelating structural color.
Agha et al. 
Adv. Photon. Res., 2023
... which we explore in interdisciplinary collaborations with complementary expertise. The map below gives a pictorial overview of our main current activities , interests and some brief info on previous work.
Currently, the group’s research is organized around the following projects:


  • COSAMOS ( Coming soon)

  • ECLIPSE: Eye-undetectable Cholesteric LIquid crystal spheres realized by Phase Separation and Electrospray

here for old projects.

Three most recent publications

Isotropic-isotropic phase separation and spinodal decomposition in liquid crystal-solvent mixtures, Catherine G. Reyes, Jörg Baller, Takeaki Araki and Jan P. F. Lagerwall , soft matter, 2019,15, 6044-6054

Liquid crystal elastomer shell actuators with negative order parameter, V. S. R. Jampani, R. H. Volpe, K. Reguengo de Sousa, J. Ferreira Machado, C. M. Yakacki and J. P. F. Lagerwall, Sci.adv.,DOI 10.1126/sciadv.aaw2476

Influence of head group and chain length of surfactants using for stabilising liquid crystal shells,
Anjali Sharma and J.P.F. Lagerwall,
Liquid crystals, DOI 10.1080/02678292.2018.1509391

More publications can be found here.