Satellite workshop, Wednesday 10th of May 2017

Dr. Christina Schütz of the ESMP group, University of Luxembourg, is organizing an informal satellite workshop, in which we discuss open questions and problems regarding cellulose nanocrystals research. The format of this event is an open meeting held as a round table discussion, so without dedicated slots for speakers. When you register for this event, you can submit one to three topics or questions you would like to discuss within the group. The organizers will collect and categorize the different topics and raise them during the workshop. You may add a picture, slide or document that supports your discussion points.

If interested, please register below. If you have questions, please contact Christina Schütz:
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Christina Schütz, Experimental Soft Matter Physics Group,, University of Luxembourg, Physics & Materials Science Research Unit
+352 46 66 44 6058
Please note that this workshop will be organized in a self-organized manner: there is no registration fee but also no lunch etc. included. The participants need to go to the local restaurants for their meals.

We are looking forward to stimulating discussions!