Video abstracts of presentations

Here you can find all video abstracts submitted for the GLCC, in the order of submission.
"Influence of Surface-Active Compounds on Orientational Transitions of Liquid Crystals in Thin Films" by Nicolai Popov, Lawrence W. Honaker, Nadezhda Usol’tseva and Piotr Popov.
"Microfluidic Synthesis of Liquid Crystalline Elastomer Actuators" by Lukas B. Braun and Rudolf Zentel.
"Novel liquid crystalline spyropyranes" by Juraj Malincik, Michal Kohout, Vladimira Novotna and Jiri Svoboda.
"Liquid crystals and magnetic nanoparticles modified with functionalized ligands" by Anna Poryvai, Vladimira Novotna, Michal Kohout and Jiri Svoboda.