Practical information

Download a leaflet with useful information (with map and photo of the venue building) here.

All meetings of the main conference will take place in room BS0.03 of Campus Limpertsberg, University of Luxembourg. The building is called "Bâtiment des Sciences". You can find information on how to get here at No lunch is provided on Wednesday and Friday (the conference starts after lunch and ends before lunch) but on Thursday a walking lunch (sandwiches + desert) will be served in the common area in the same building, where the posters will be on display all the time.

The conference dinner on Thursday evening will be at Big Beer Company, in a cosy area of lower central Luxembourg called Clausen. If the weather permits, we will organize walking tours from the conference venue or from the hotels to the restaurant (plan for 30 minutes walk). After registering for the conference you will be invited to choose your menu in advance.

Travel recommendations
Luxembourg can be conveniently reached by train or air. French TGV trains connect Luxembourg to Paris (2 hours, 15 minutes) as well as to the south (train passes by Lyon and ends in Marseille), and also Brussels has a direct connection (3 hours). Direction Germany the train connections are worse, and many include a bus ride of more than one hour to Saarbrücken. Flights connect Luxembourg airport directly to Paris, London, Munich, Frankfurt, Brussels, Amsterdam, Rome, Copenhagen and several other major European cities. The airport is located close to the city center and a regular city bus (nr. 16; download the time table here) runs regularly between airport and the train station. The ride takes 22 minutes and the ticket costs 2€ for 2 hour validity or 4€ for a daily card. You can buy the ticket from a machine at the bus stop.

Hotels Carlton, Bristol, Empire, Grey and Ibis are all located very close to the train station but you need to take a bus (nr. 2 or 4, direction "Lycée Technique Michel Lutius", ride takes about 20 minutes) to the university for the meeting. A slightly longer walk from the station takes you to Hotel Golden Tulip Molitor, and near the city center you can sometimes be lucky and find reasonably affordable rooms in Grand Hotel Cravat. If you book no later than the 16th of February, you can use the special offer we got with Hotel Victor Hugo, a 15 minute walk from the university campus where the meeting will be held. To get there from the train station you need to take a bus (also 2 or 4) to "Fondation Pescatore". When you get out of the bus you can see the "HOTEL" sign of Hotel Victor Hugo on its wall straight ahead, about a 5 minute walk in the direction the bus was going. The youth hostel in central Luxembourg is in Clausen, at the address Rue du Fort Olisy 2, 2261 Luxembourg.

Here you can download a map with the key locations, optimized for Hotel Victor Hugo (the only hotel with which we have a special deal).

Taxis are very expensive in Luxembourg. Consider at least 35€ to get from the airport to the hotel. We strongly recommend to take the bus. You can buy the ticket from a machine at the bus stop.

If you are coming to Luxembourg from outside the Schengen Area and if you are not an EU, EEA, or Swiss citizen, depending on your nationality, you may need to apply for a visitor visa at the Luxembourgish embassy responsible for your country of residence. Upon payment of the registration fee, we will provide, on request, a letter to confirm your conference attendance (and presentation) to help you apply for a visa, but it is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct documentation to be able to attend the conference.

E-mail: [email protected]
Telephone numbers to the organizers are found here.