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Stretchable conductors

As technology is today going more and more towards a wearable form factor, it becomes more and more important to develop electronics that support the flexing and stretching that our clothes are subjected to when we move around. We generally do not take part in the research on flexible electronics, with one exception, and that is the simplest component: the conductor. We have just started doing research on liquid metal alloys, trying to better understand how they can be processed, in particular in a co-flow situation with other liquids, e.g. polymer solutions. If this research is successful, we believe we can produce fibers with a conducting liquid metal core, which could provide the required conductivity and stretchability at the same time.

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Three most recent publications

Isotropic-isotropic phase separation and spinodal decomposition in liquid crystal-solvent mixtures, Catherine G. Reyes, Jörg Baller, Takeaki Araki and Jan P. F. Lagerwall , soft matter, 2019,15, 6044-6054

Liquid crystal elastomer shell actuators with negative order parameter, V. S. R. Jampani, R. H. Volpe, K. Reguengo de Sousa, J. Ferreira Machado, C. M. Yakacki and J. P. F. Lagerwall, Sci.adv.,DOI 10.1126/sciadv.aaw2476

Influence of head group and chain length of surfactants using for stabilising liquid crystal shells,
Anjali Sharma and J.P.F. Lagerwall,
Liquid crystals, DOI 10.1080/02678292.2018.1509391

More publications can be found here.