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Free access to recently published article!

Happy new year! Starting this year with free access to our recently published article “Influence of head group and chain length of surfactants used for stabilising liquid crystal shells”. It's free for first 50 readers. Enjoy reading.
Here is the link:

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 15.32.56

Welcome Andy and Ursa!

ursa Andy

Welcome to our new interns Andy (left) and Ursa (right) who have joined our team.Andy will focus on
Microfluidics for Measuring the Interfacial Tensions of Liquid Crystals. While Ursa will work on the Study of topological defect transformations in LC shells using a dual confocal microscope for controlled polymerization.

New article in Liquid crystals!

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 15.32.56

to Anjali & Jan on the new publication in Liquid Crystals: "Influence of head group and chain length of surfactants used for stabilising liquid crystal shells"
This is the systematic study of the effect of different surfactants on Nematic LC shell, in terms of stability and alignment.


Welcome to Rijeesh and Nikolay.

. .

Rijeesh Nikolay

Welcome to our new post-doc Rijeesh (left) and phd Nikolay (right) who have joined our team. Rijeesh will be working on making cholesteric LC shells for reflector tags. While Nikolay will aim to generate tube-shaped liquid crystal elastomer actuators for biomedical applications.


New Paper in Adv. Funct. Materials!

(Click the image above to read the article online, it is Open-Access)

to Rao & Jan on the new publication in Advanced Functional Materials: “Micrometer‐Scale Porous Buckling Shell Actuators Based on Liquid Crystal Networks”!

After collaborating with Dirk Jan last fall on LCE shells (pic below!) , the study describing the actuation in the porous network + a curious discovery of negative birefringence is finally out Laugh & open access.



TEDx UniLu is Approaching - Ideas Needed!


Our group is officially hosting the 1st ever TEDx event at the University of Luxembourg! The date for the event was just announced to occur on
Oct. 26, 2018! Laugh While we cannot actually give talks ourselves on our projects and perspectives, there's still plenty of opportunities for others to get involved in suggesting speaker ideas, or in applying to speak themselves.

Click here to see the official announcement from the university's team & to get more info!


Welcometo Cyrine - Our New Intern

Welcome to our new short term intern - Cyrine Charni!

She will work alongside Anshul in attempting to advance the chemistry regarding our groups' ideas on LCE synthesis



New Paper in Adv. Materials

adv mater 2018 mat-jan
(Click the image above to read the article online, it is Open-Access)

to Matt & Jan on the new publication in Advanced Materials: “Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Shells as Enabling Material for Information‐Rich Design and Architecture”!

Matt is a long time collaborator of Jan's since his time as a professor at SNU in South Korea. Some of us in the group got the chance to meet him, but eventually we'll all see each other again in a few days when Matt stops by our lab. Originally an architect by training, Matt worked on (and is probably still working on) many interdisciplinary projects involving robotics, and functional architecture design. He is currently a professor at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

In this new article Matt, Jan and a few other collaborators at the SNT (Security, Reliability and Trust) Centre in Luxembourg discuss the possibilities of using cholesteric LC shells as sources for information technology in various architecture, drone, and robotics concepts and applications.


New Masters Student Joins!

Welcome to our new masters student - Lionel!

He is still checking out our labs and deciding what research project he will contribute to (might be leaning more towards working with Manos & Benjamin on CNC droplets however).

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GLCC @ Luxembourg Is a Success

Last week we hosted the 45th German Liquid Crystal Conference & it was a great success.

Many thanks to all of our collaborators & the participants for a great three days of discussions, talks & prizes.

Be sure to check the website : for photos of the conference soon!