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Welcome Yansong


Welcome to Yansong

Yansong is a materials researcher specialised in light-responded elastomers and self-organizing polymer networks. He received his Master and PhD degree in chemical engineering from National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan. After that he did three-years post-doc in Prof. Chia-Rong Lee’s group in the department of photonics at same university to develop smart actuators, liquid crystal laser and planar optics. He attempts to synthesis anisotropic polymers with new functionalities and integrate them into optical devices to meet industrial and societal challenges. In January 2022 he became a member of ESMP and is working on to electrospinning fibers and Cholesteric Spherical Reflectors to make innovative pathogen sampling filters and reporters of biomolecular binding events.


New cover page

Our recent Langmuir article also has an accompanying special cover design, which is online now.

New Publication

More new publications! Congrats to Shameek, Jan, collaborators Margaret Frey and Francesco Basoli, and alumnus Larry for their recent publication in Macromolecules and Molecular Engineering.



New Publication

Congrats to Katrin and Jan, ESMP alumna Catherine, and collaborators Lukas Pschyklenk and Peter Kaul for a recent paper in Cell Reports Physical Science on some quantitative gas sensing with liquid crystal-filled fibres.



New Publication

Congratulations to Shameek, Manos, and Jan and to ESMP collaborator Francesco and alumnus Larry for their recent Langmuir publication. This work investigated the dynamics of core-sheath electrospinning in differing miscibility relationships between the core and sheath.
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Congratulations to Shameek

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Congratulations to Dr. Shameek Vats who successfully defended his Ph.D thesis on Friday.


Welcome Tabea

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Welcome to Tabea.

Tabea is a master student at the University of Stuttgart. She is in our group for an internship for 2.5 months. She will work on the fractionation of Chitin-based nanocrystal, which tend to form a chiral nematic phase.


Welcome Deniz and Lenka

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Welcome to Deniz (left) and Lenka (right).

Deniz join our group as a new PhD candidate. She will work on "TRANSCEND Project": Transforming autonomous navigation, swarm robotics and construction by using Cholesteric Spherical Reflectors (CSRs) encoding data into surfaces.

Lenka is currently a PhD student at Tomas Bata University. She join our group as an intern. She will investigate the liquid crystalline behavior of collagen solution and try to utilize these properties in electro spun fibres.


New article in Crystals!

Many congratulations to JungHyun and Jan for recent article "Topological Defect-Guided Regular Stacking of Focal Conic Domains in Hybrid-Aligned Smectic Liquid Crystal Shells" published in Crystals. Article is open access.

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Welcome Katrin and Nikolay!

Welcome to Katrin (left) and Nikolay (right) come back for their further study. Katrin will working on the potential of electrospun, liquid crystal-filled polymer fibres for the quantitative detection of volatile organic compounds. Nikolay will working on liquid crystal shells as reporters of bimolecular adsorption events.