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New article on electrospinning!

Many congratulations to Catherine and Jan for the new article "Disruption of electrospinning due to water condensation into the Taylor cone", published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. Soon this paper will be open access.


Recently published review article on cellulose nanocrystals

Congratulations to Christina, Johanna, Camila, Zornitza, Manos and Jan on the new publication in Crystals "From Equilibrium Liquid Crystal Formation and Kinetic Arrest to Photonic Bandgap Films Using Suspensions of Cellulose Nanocrystals".

Article has open access. Please click
here for the link.



Prof. Francesco Basoli visits us!

We are very glad to have Assistant Professor Francesco Basoli from the Università Campus Bio-Medico in Rome, Italy, visiting us as invited researcher in March. He will support the INTERACT project with his expertise on electrospinning of functional polymer fibers.


New article in Advanced Functional Materials!

Congratulations to Rijeesh and the team for the new article "Facile Anisotropic Deswelling Method for Realizing Large‐Area Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Elastomers with Uniform Structural Color and Broad‐Range Mechanochromic Response" published in Advanced Functional Materials.


Congratulations to Larry!

Congratulations to Larry! Who recently defended his Ph.D thesis on "Liquid Metals and Liquid Crystals Subject to Flow: From Fundamental Fluid Physics to Functional Fibers"



Welcome Andy and Mitch.

Welcome our masters student Andy and visitor Mitch to the ESMP. Andy will be working on a project " Tailor-Made defects for tuning the actuation response in the liquid crystal elastomer shells" mainly with our post-doc Jampani.
Mitch is here for three month and will be focusing on the polymerization of the liquid crystal shells.

Photo_new Myself.

Congratulations to Larry!

Congratulations to Larry, Shameek, Manos, and Jan on their recent publication, "Elastic Sheath–Liquid Crystal Core Fibres Achieved by Microfluidic Wet Spinning" published recently in the Journal of Materials Chemistry C!

In this article, they present the wet spinning of core–sheath liquid crystal-filled elastomer fibers using a microfluidic spinneret adapted from the normal techniques they use to produce shells and droplets. In particular, when we spin fibers containing a cholesteric liquid crystal, the result showing brilliant reflected colors as a result of the liquid crystal alignment within the fiber core. These fibers can be highly stretchable and show color changes upon heating and cooling.

You can access the article

JMCC TOC Graphic


Congratulations to Anjali!

Congratulations to Anjali, Jampani, and Jan on their new article published in Langmuir: "Realignment of liquid crystal shells driven by temperature-dependent surfactant solubility"

This is the study of nematic LC shells stabilized by temperature responsive surfactant. Study shows how one can change the alignment of LC just by varying the temperature. Click here for the full article.



Congratulations to Catherine!

Congratulations to Catherine for beautiful cover page on Soft Matter representing the outline of the phase diagram with the nematic droplets nucleating over it from the spinodal decomposition.!divAbstract
Here you can access the article.

Screenshot 2019-08-05 at 10.28.00

New Study on 5CB-Ethanol Phase Separation in Soft Matter + Cover!

Congratulations to Catherine and Jan on the new publication RSC's Soft Matter:

Isotropic-Isotropic phase separation and spinodal decomposition in liquid crystal-solvent mixtures" experimentally & theoretically reveals evidence of coexisting isotropic phases in simple mixtures of ethanol, 5CB, and water. Even though the nematic LC 5CB is arguably the most studied commercial liquid crystal worldwide, for the first time this study highlights experimental evidence of spinodal decomposition and nucleation and growth occuring between two isotropic phases and a single nematic phase between this common compound and equally common solvents.

(Click the image below to visit the article:
All supplementary info is
open access!)

Screenshot 2019-06-28 at 17.35.44