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Welcome Najiya!

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Welcome our new PhD candidate Najiya to the ESMP. Najiya will be working on "Physics meet Biology " scheme, specifically on research in liquid crystal elastomers for artificial vasculature for sustaining organoid growth.


Manos on the podcast called ''All Things Photonics'

A very simple and informative explanation of colours. Listen Manos Anyfas talking about the recent paper in a podcast called ''All Things Photonics’'. Manos’s part starts from 36:45.
Here is the original article:
Responsive Photonic Liquid Marbles


Catherine's Image got selected for FNR Science Image Competition

Catherine's images are being displayed by FNR at Place Auguste Laurent, Limpertsberg. Discover the beautiful science of Luxembourg at the FNR Science Image expo! Place Auguste Laurent, Limpertsberg.


ESMP in letzscience

Anjali's image got featured for FNR campaign "letzscience", raising awareness of Luxembourg research by blending science images with Augmented Reality (AR). Each image features a story with an example of Luxembourg research connected to the image. Access the full story here:

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Congratulations Camila!

Many congratulations to Camila and Jan for recent article " Interrogating helical nanorod self-assembly with fractionated cellulose nanocrystal suspensions" published in Communications Materials. Article is open access.
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Welcome Xu and Xiang!

ESMP welcomes Xu and Xiang, both are doing their master thesis with us.
Xu will be working on the spontaneous adsorption and self-organization of colloid particles at fluid interfaces induced by surfactants and Xiang will focus on the preparation of liquid crystal shells by controlled phase separation in droplets.

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Recently published article in PRR

Many congratulations to JungHyun, Jan and the team for the recent paper "Dynamic tuning of the director field in liquid crystal shells using block copolymers" published in Physical Review Research.

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Congratulations to Manos!

Many congratulations to Manos and the team for recent article "Responsive Photonic Liquid Marbles" published in Angewandte Chemie.


New article on electrospinning!

Many congratulations to Catherine and Jan for the new article "Disruption of electrospinning due to water condensation into the Taylor cone", published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. This paper has open access.


Recently published review article on cellulose nanocrystals

Congratulations to Christina, Johanna, Camila, Zornitza, Manos and Jan on the new publication in Crystals "From Equilibrium Liquid Crystal Formation and Kinetic Arrest to Photonic Bandgap Films Using Suspensions of Cellulose Nanocrystals".

Article has open access. Please click
here for the link.



Prof. Francesco Basoli visits us!

We are very glad to have Assistant Professor Francesco Basoli from the Università Campus Bio-Medico in Rome, Italy, visiting us as invited researcher in March. He will support the INTERACT project with his expertise on electrospinning of functional polymer fibers.