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TWISTED - a 2-day conference on cholesteric lyotropic liquid crystals

On May 10-12, 2017, the Experimental Soft Matter Physics Group and the Theory of Soft Condensed Matter Group (headed by Prof. Tanja Schilling) are organizing Twisted, a focused conference on the physics, chemistry and applications of cholesteric lyotropic liquid crystals developing in colloidal suspensions of chiral nanorods. The conference is motivated by the rapidly growing interest in liquid crystals formed by nanocrystals of cellulose or chitin, filamentous viruses, carbon nanotubes and similar rod-like nanoparticles. We are proud to announce that we are bringing some of the world's leading researchers in the field to Luxembourg for this two-day meeting, which will give an excellent view of the state of the art of research in the field. You can read more about the conference on its website. Click here to download the conference flyer.