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New Publication

Congrats to Nikolay and Jan for a recent paper : Birefringence-modulated total internal reflection in liquid crystal shells on Frontiers in Soft Matter.


Jan on the podcast called ''All Things Photonics'

Listen Jan talking about CSRs and the CLCEs in a podcast called ''All Things Photonics’'. Jan’s part starts from 23:00.

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Online webinar

Together with Fluigent, Jan will give a talk on: Polymerization of microfluidics-produced liquid crystal double emulsions for making wavelength and polarisation-selective retroreflectors.

Click here to check the program and register for it.


New Publication

New Publication! Congrats to our alumnus Anjali, Deepak Gupta, Giusy Scalia, and Jan for recent publication on Physical Review Research about Lipid islands on liquid crystal shells.
Anjali's PRR


Welcome Axel and Yosuke

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Welcome to Axel (left) and Yosuk (right)

Axel and Yosuke join our group for their bachelor project.

Axel will investigate the isotropic-nematic phase transition of liquid crystal oligomers and the impact of the concentration of chiral dopant on the ground-state color of cholesteric liquid crystal elastomers (CLCEs).

Yosuke will study the small-scale limit of cholesteric spherical reflectors (CSRs).

Welcome Yansong


Welcome to Yansong

Yansong is a materials researcher specialised in light-responded elastomers and self-organizing polymer networks. He received his Master and PhD degree in chemical engineering from National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan. After that he did three-years post-doc in Prof. Chia-Rong Lee’s group in the department of photonics at same university to develop smart actuators, liquid crystal laser and planar optics. He attempts to synthesis anisotropic polymers with new functionalities and integrate them into optical devices to meet industrial and societal challenges. In January 2022 he became a member of ESMP and is working on to electrospinning fibers and Cholesteric Spherical Reflectors to make innovative pathogen sampling filters and reporters of biomolecular binding events.