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Johanna gets best poster prize at the German-British liquid crystal conference

Congratulations to Johanna Bruckner, who was awarded the German Liquid Crystal Society's best poster award at the joint conference of the British and German liquid crystal societies, in Edinburgh, UK, 21-23rd of March 2016. The poster, entitled "Solvent effects on chiral nematic self‐assembly of cellulose nanocrystals" (co-authors Camila Honorator-Rios and Jan Lagerwall), describes the behavior of cellulose nanocrystal suspensions in non-aqueous but polar solvents, as well as a new method of exchanging the solvent without inducing aggregation of the rods. A publication is on the way...

Jan's inaugural lecture 10th of December 2015

With a slight delay, it is finally time on Thursday 10th of December for Jan to give his inaugural lecture at University of Luxembourg, entitled Contrasts drive self-assembly and beauty is born. This is a popular scientific lecture open to the public, and it will span a broad spectrum, from giving some fascinating glimpses of the research we do in the group to discussing the benefits of cross-fertilizing fundamental and applied research, taking an open-minded and interdisciplinary attitude.

The lecture will take place in Salle Tavernas, Campus Limpertsberg (the old monastery on 102 Avenue Pasteur) at 18:00. You are most welcome!

JungHyun and Martin give talks at the German Liquid Crystal Conference

At the 42nd German Liquid Crystal Conference in Stuttgart, JungHyun gave a talk on her and Kevin's work on liquid crystal shells. The talk was entitled "A sensitive interplay between phase transitions and director field reorientations in liquid crystalline shells". Immediately after JungHyun, Martin took the stage and told about his recent work in Paderborn prior to joining the ESMP group, in a talk entitled "Studies on the compatibility of spherical nanoparticles in a nematic host and their impact on the electro-optic properties".

JungHyun gives talk at Liquid Matter 2014

JungHyun and Jan are attending the 9th Liquid Matter 2014 conference in Lisbon, where JungHyun gives a talk entitled "Tunable multicolored patterns from photonic cross communication between cholesteric liquid crystal droplets" (Jan just got a poster Winking ). We take the opportunity to discuss our collaborations with Frank Giesselmann from Stuttgart (left) and Jun Yamamoto from Kyoto (right).

Jan gives honorary lecture at the German Liquid Crystal Conference

At the 2014 German Liquid Crystal Conference in Magdeburg Jan was invited to deliver the honorary Vorländervorlesung. The title of his presentation, which contained some quite general reflections about our current research situation, was "With an open attitude, new doors open".

Jan's talk at the SPIE SF conference 2015 on-line

On Tuesday 10th of February 2015, Jan gave an invited talk entitled “Dynamic and complex optical patterns from colloids of cholesteric liquid crystal droplets” at the SPIE meeting in San Francisco, in the session “Emerging Liquid Crystal Technologies X”. You can watch the screen recording of the talk (you see the slides and hear the voice) here.

JungHyun awarded for her presentation at KLCC

IMG_3999IMG_4028JungHyun Noh received a best presentation award for her talk at the Korean Liquid Crystal Conference in Jeonju, 23rd-24th of January 2014, on the microfluidic preparation of cholesteric liquid crystal droplets and the analysis of their photonic behaviour. Congratulations! This work was also recently published in Journal of Materials Chemistry C, which chose to feature her work on the cover page.

Jan gives invited talk at Fall Meeting of the Korean Polymer Society

Prof. Jan Lagerwall will give an invited talk at the fall meeting of the Korean Polymer Society, Changwon, Korea, October 11-12, 2012. You can read the abstract for his talk, entitled One-Piece Micropumps from Liquid Crystal Elastomer Core-Shell Particles by clicking here.

Jan gives invited talk at symposium on flexible LC devices

Prof. Jan Lagerwall is invited to give a talk at the symposium Flexible Liquid Crystal Devices, organized by and taking place at Kent State University, Kent (OH), USA. His talk is entitled Liquid crystal-functionalized electrospun microfibers for gas sensing textiles and other flexible devices.

Jan gives tutorial on liquid crystal microscopy at ILCC

Prof. Jan Lagerwall is invited to give a tutorial on polarizing microscopy at the International Liquid Crystal Conference in Mainz, Germany. The tutorial is recorded and you will be able to see it at your computer afterwards on this page. You can read the conference report in Materials Views (Wiley-VCH) here.

Jan gives invited talk at Royal Society conference

Prof. Jan Lagerwall is invited to give a talk at the conference New frontiers in anisotropic fluid-particle composites, organized by the Royal Society at Chicheley Hall, near London, UK. You can read the abstract for his talk, entitled Exploring and applying liquid crystals in new geometries prepared by microfluidics and electrospinning by clicking here.