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Anjali gets featured on FNR's Spotlight on Young Researchers!

Our Ph.D student Anjali Sharma was featured on FNR's Spotlight on Young Researchers blog! Laugh

Anjali works on forming liquid crystal shells and she works on trying to stabilize them using different surfactants and polymers.

Anjali and the team (Jampani, Nikolay and Jan from our group) + others from Prof. Ralf Stannarius's group in Magdeburg, Germany, observed LC shell behavior in a micro gravity environment made possible through several parabolic flights initiated in a plane provided by the German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Read about & see her experience here on the FNR's site: Spotlight on Young Researchers: Anjali Sharma

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Anjali’s PhD is funded by the FNR’s PRIDE programme in the framework of the Doctoral Training Unit (DTU) MASSENA, which has the goal to improve the understanding and the performance of materials used in sensing and energy harvesting


Move to Luxembourg

Since March 1st 2014 the “Soft Nano- and Microstructures Group” at Seoul National University ceased to exist and it is replaced by the “Experimental Soft Matter Physics” group at the University of Luxembourg, where Jan since this date is full professor in physics, at the Physics & Materials Science Research Unit. This web site will eventually be updated to reflect the new situation and the changes it will entail. Our current main research foci (on functional composite fibers produced by electrospinning; on liquid crystalline shells [low molar mass and elastomeric]; and on liquid crystalline self-assembly of cellulose nanocrystals) will remain and we are still very interested in transdisciplinary research, although there will be an increased focus on physics with more room for fundamental research than what the situation in Korea allowed.

Adjunctive professor of SNU Physics Department

On the 17th of December Jan got the official notification that he is now adjunctive professor of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the SNU.

Habilitation degree

In the end of November Jan successfully defended his habilitation thesis (you can download it here) and gave his test lecture at the Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg in Halle, Germany, and on the 14th of December the faculty board officially gave him the title Dr. rer. nat habil and the venia legendi for physical chemistry.

Statement on diversity

Following the GRC (Gordon Research) Conference on Liquid Crystals Jan, Catherine, JungHyun and Anshul attended this June in Maine, and a seminar on gender inclusion within research labs Jan and Anshul attended, we felt it was necessary to include a statement about this on our website.

We live in polarizing times when it's become easier than ever to ostracize people just because they may think a bit differently, or look a bit differently, from us, but actually these individual traits can help our communities work and think better.

Have a look at our statement under the Team menu under On Diversity & Inclusion.