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Welcometo Cyrine - Our New Intern

Welcome to our new short term intern - Cyrine Charni!

She will work alongside Anshul in attempting to advance the chemistry regarding our groups' ideas on LCE synthesis



New Masters Student Joins!

Welcome to our new masters student - Lionel!

He is still checking out our labs and deciding what research project he will contribute to (might be leaning more towards working with Manos & Benjamin on CNC droplets however).

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New Bachelors Student Joins!

Welcome to our new bachelors student - Joana!

She will be learning microfluidic LC shell production and be working with Rao for the next few months Happy



Bandol Summer School on Liquid Crystals

For the first time in several years, the Bandol Summer School on Liquid Crystals took place again in the end of September - beginning of October. Jan was one of the teachers and JungHyun and Zory took part as students. We had a great time with a curious and imaginative group of students (and teachers), making the school as nice an experience as it was during previous years.

Course on Soft Matter Nanotechnology running

Jan gave the first lecture in his course on Soft Matter Nanotechnology today. It will run every Tuesday and Thursday during the spring semester (until June 9th). For more information, see the course homepage.