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Congratulations to Shameek

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Congratulations to Dr. Shameek Vats who successfully defended his Ph.D thesis on Friday.


Welcome Katrin and Nikolay!

Welcome to Katrin (left) and Nikolay (right) come back for their further study. Katrin will working on the potential of electrospun, liquid crystal-filled polymer fibres for the quantitative detection of volatile organic compounds. Nikolay will working on liquid crystal shells as reporters of bimolecular adsorption events.


ESMP in letzscience

Anjali's image got featured for FNR campaign "letzscience", raising awareness of Luxembourg research by blending science images with Augmented Reality (AR). Each image features a story with an example of Luxembourg research connected to the image. Access the full story here:

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Congratulations to Anjali!

Congratulations to Anjali, Jampani, and Jan on their new article published in Langmuir: "Realignment of liquid crystal shells driven by temperature-dependent surfactant solubility"

This is the study of nematic LC shells stabilized by temperature responsive surfactant. Study shows how one can change the alignment of LC just by varying the temperature. Click here for the full article.